Mounting Ribbon Crashers

I am considering mounting ribbon crasher effects on my snare drums this fall/spring and was looking for some advice on some of the best ways to do it.  For hardware purposes, we use Pearl drums.  Thanks in advance.
LP Claws.  Did it with mine two years ago.  Just cranked the claw to the hardware.
Oh ok good deal.  Did you use the standard ";LP Percussion Claw";?
I have five ribbon crashers with clamps to attach to the drum made by XL Speciality.

You can either try that set-up or I'd be glad to sell you ours. We only used them for one season -- they are in great shape!
I used Ribbon Crashers 2 years ago with the Pearl MUH-20. Had some issues about half way through the season with the threads stripping out and getting the drum in the case, but for the most part they were VERY sturdy. Haven't used the LP claw. . .
Thanks for the responses.  I just ordered some LP Claws. 
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