Update is not working with Kontakt

I have installed Sibelius 6 ( and the update) Kontakt 2.2.4, and VDL 2.5

I tried installing the Update to 2.5,2 but I could not find where to put the new folders to make it run correctly.  The readme stated ";To install this update, simply replace you’re old Instruments and Multis folders (inside the Virtual Drumline 2.5 folder) with the new Instruments and Multis folders found in the 2.5.2 library update ZIP file."; I do not have a VDL folder. Did something not install right somewhere?

I can play and see the old Library and I also tried to put them into the Multis and Instruments files in the Nativeinstrumets/Kontakt2player/userpatches but that always fails when I try to just play the sounds in stand alone mode.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated

Win Vista
2 GB Ram

Sibelius 6
Kontakt 2.2.4
Are you sure that you don't have a folder at ";C:\Program Files\Tapspace\Virtual Drumline 2.5";?  I'm pretty sure that's the default installation path and where you're told to copy the 2.5.2 update.  Also, are you running Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit?
That is where it was. Thank you for the fix!
I'm new to all this software stuff. It would be great if windows didn't have 8 different folders for the same thing.
Glad to hear that got you squared away!
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