Finale to Sibelius Conversion

Ok, so I haven't had to do this in a few years, but this year our wind arranger is a Finale user.
What is the latest and greatest way to convert Finale files to Sibelius.  At press time I am not sure which Finale version he is using, but I can find out if necessary.  I am using Sibelius 6.2.

Easiest solution would be to just have the wind arranger export a MusicXML file and send that to you.  From that point, it's a sort of choose your own adventure, but there are really 2 ways to deal with it:

[b]OPTION 1[/b]
1) Open your VDL Sibelius Template file and Export the House Style, giving it a name you'll recognize.
2) Open the MusicXML file in Sibelius
3) Import the VDL House Style you just created into the wind score (this imports the Dictionary and Instrument definitions, among a few other things).
4) Start adding our VDL instruments and continue working as you normally would.

[b]OPTION 2[/b]
1) Open the VDL Template and create staves that correspond to those in the MusicXML file
2) Once the wind staves are created, copy the music from the MusicXML file to the VDL template
3) Work as normal

Hope this helps!
Thanks Bryan--sounds pretty much like it was the last time I had to do it. It will probably be another week or so before I have it, so if I need anything else I will chime back in at that time.
Keep in mind you'll need the Dolet XML plugin for Sibelius if you want to send it back to the wind arranger for anything.  Sibelius has built-in XML import, but unfortunately does not have export.
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