kontak player

does anybody know how to fix the kontak player? my sibelius 6 has been working great with the kontak player but now for some reason it says...

"; there was an error trying to acquire a license for this patch! This copy is not yet activated. please use the service center to activate.";

i installed the service center and i cant seem to find it.. im a bit confused cause it has been working normally for the past month or so and it was working earlier today. help please! :-)
That's weird. I'm seeing it on my end. Are you browsing from a school network perhaps? I can't imagine they'd block NI, but then again, school networks can block a lot of things. Maybe try checking it from a different machine or internet connection.
That's probably it... I'll try tonight when I get home.
Thanks! That's all it was. Up and running...
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