VDL and soon to be Overture 4.2

I was just at the Genie Soft forum for Overture 4. It looks like they are getting ready to release an update that will be geared toward VDL. In the past, it did not have good work flow due to lack of Instrument definitions and drum maps. Was wondering if Tapspace is going to follow with a new template for Overture 4.2 when it is released? I ended up moving toward Sib 6 based on the lack of functionality in Overture 4.1, so as to use made templates. I don't want to start a debate about which score writing tool is better, just that possibly Overture may be a better way for me to work in the long run. Thanks and keep up the great work.
Once Overture 4.2 is out, and we've had a chance to see how the percussion functionality works, we'll have a better sense of what would be require to offer templates. We think it's really great that GenieSoft is continuing to develop Overture, and giving Virtual Drumline some special attention is hopefully a sign of more good things to come!

For any of you Overture users, perhaps we can form a little Overture/VDL task force to put things to the test once you get your hands on the update.
Thanks Jim, I would be in line with that. Hopefully the update won't be to far off. I have noticed in the past that the drum map builder in Overture does seem a bit difficult, but may be the new version will address this.
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