Corps Clear Heads. . .

Ordering new heads for the fall. . .Any one spent some quality time with the Evans Corp Clear Heads?
I like them a lot. Great tone on top of the drums and at a distance.
As always, it depends on the drums you have. I used them on Yamaha
I used them inside and out on our Pearl Articulites.  Really pleased with the tone of the heads and the durability.
Thanks guys. . . I haven't had time to get my hands on a set to play with them. Thanks for sharing!
I've used them on full sized Yamaha tenors and I love the feel, tone and projection.  I think they are a great choice!

Try the EC2 also.  I have tried the Frosts, MTT, and Clears and like the Clear the best of those 3.  I know that some of the corps are using EC2 this summer and have been checking them out at camps.
Ahh. . . the old drum-set tom trick. . . I wonder how they'll hold up over the season. Thanks guys.
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