fp buzz roll not playing back

Alright, now I've written a fp buzz roll, but it is silent when I try playing the file back.  When I press ";D5"; on my MIDI keyboard the sound works just fine.  When I click on the note on the keyboard in Kontakt 2 it works.  However, when I play it back through finale 2008, nothing is happening.  When in Studio View in Finale, it isn't showing any sound on the meter underneath the volume fader. 

I'm using ";Snareline Manual (MW)"; with VDL 2.5.2.

Any ideas?

You need the percussion layout maps. This sound was not part of the original FIN10 templates. Additionally, I would not expect the files included with the templates to work with FIN08 because they were created using FIN10. The template updates for VDL2.5.2 will be available very soon.


Thanks for the quick response.  I'm using Finale 2008, so does that mean that I can't use that sound with '08?


Michael Lemish
You CAN use it.  You just have to add the mapping to the SnareLine instrument yourself.  I don't have Finale 2008 installed here, so I can't offer any advice on how to do it. 

However, if you're familiar with how to edit drum maps you can actually add the proper mapping yourself via the Percussion Map Designer.
I have already added that sound and done the mapping within the ";Percussion Map Designer.";  Everything looks correct (notehead, staff placement) but the sound is not playing back.  For some reason finale is not triggering that sound within Kontakt 2.

I was referring to using the finale Library files which come with the FIN10 templates, presuming you purchased the templates.
OK, so here's an update.  I used a ";default"; finale file, entered a couple notes on ";D5";, played it back and it worked just fine.  I created a map for that note, and everything sounds and looks correct.  For some reason, this problem is only occuring in my template.  I did purchase the 2008 and 2010 templates.

Everything else seems to be working just fine on all of the snare sounds.  Any idea why this one note would not play?
It should work fine with the 2008 template as long as you add the note to the percussion drum map. With the 2010 template, you would need the xml files to be updated before adding it to the percussion layout.
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