Mod Wheel Playback (yes I've done research)

Hey all,

I'm writing a part that switches between the quad line playing on the rims/shot/and regular drum heads.  I used the mod wheel to preview the sounds and that worked, and I did research on the site and learned about the ~C1, 1 and such and I did that for the Technique text, but it's not playing back correctly.  Everything is fine until I change it to the rim sound and everything after that is a rim, even after putting ~C1, 1 on the part that I want on the head.  Any help?

Also for some reason my regular hits are playing back as shots after the shot/rim section even though I have the ~C!, 1 and have re entered the part as regular hits on my keyboard.  Please help!
If you're using Sibelius 5 or later, you simply need to make sure you're using the correct noteheads and the correct staff placement, as per the template ReadMe.  At this point, it doesn't involve fooling around with the mod wheel or anything.

As for the regular hits, do you have the technique text ";rim"; in there anywhere? If so, try turning off the play on pass in the playback tab of the Properties palette.
Awesome, I got the playback.  Thanks Bryan.  Is there a specific number on the ";play on pass"; that I should turn off?  If I turn all of them off nothing plays.  Also, is there a way to set the specific notehead to the sound without having to change it?  It's not a big deal if there isn't, just curious.  Again, thanks a lot.  I'm learning more and more about this program every day!
Sorry, I'll be more clear.  I meant only select the 'rim' technique text and turn off the Play On Pass for that, not any notes. 

The numbers 1-8 only pertain to repeats.  For instance, if you had a pattern or something that you only wanted to play the third time through (of 3 times perhaps) you would uncheck 1 and 2.  That could also come in handy if you had a 4 bar SnareLine passage that was repeated once, on the edge the first time through and center the second time.  You could have the 1 checked for the edge (others unchecked) and the 2 checked for the center (others unchecked).

Not sure if a lot of people would have the need for that, but it's a handy little feature for those who might.
It should also be pointed out that if you're manually entering controller changes, there should not be a space after the comma:

~C1, 1 (wrong)
~C1,1 (right)

This is probably a moot point if you're using dictionary text features, but perhaps this information will be helpful to someone needing some manual control at some point.
Ah ok, that makes sense.  I got it now guys.  I really appreciate all the help. 
Could you please give the link to the website you did you research on?
i would like to learn more about the mod wheel, and how to use it.
Thank You!!!
I'm pretty sure the research he's talking about is the Search function on this site.  Searching for mod wheel will no doubt turn up a whole slew of posts related to how the mod wheel was previously used, prior to Sibelius 5.
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