HELP!! VDL with FINALE 2010

I recently bought VDL 2.5 this week and im trying to work it with finale 2010. I bought the 10 dollar template that im requierd to buy for it to work on Finale, followed the instructions on the videos and handbook to set it up and it doesnt SEEM TO WORK!!!! help PLEASE. I DID NOT spend 200 dollars for this to happen.

Help from an actual worker on tapspace would be better, thanks
Well, Miguel, you'd be surprised as many of us who don't work at Tapspace are quite knowledgable about the software, namely Ted Boliske, the person who created the template.

I'm afraid we'll need a little more information before we can help you.  You haven't given a description of your system as per these guidelines:

Also, as many people have purchased the same products you have and have had great results, it seems you must have missed something along the way of installing VDL, right down to getting the template XML and library files in the right place.  It's a bit of a daunting task for someone who has never dealt with it before, so taking a step back and trying to slow down a bit and get a better grasp on the necessary concepts will help a lot.

-We've established you are using Finale 2010
-Mac or PC?
-Have you installed VDL? Also copied over the three large nkx files to the Virtual Drumline 2.5 direcory?
-Have you copied the XML files that came with the Finale 2010 VDL Template to the 'Finale MIDI Devices' folder found in the Finale application directory? The two library files to the 'Libraries' directory, also in the Finale directory?
-Have you opened one of the included indoor or outdoor templates and gone through the process of setting up AU or VST (depending on whether you're on a PC or Mac) and added some VDL instruments to the Kontakt Player 2 instance, making sure that the channels are the same in both Kontakt Player and the Finale Instrument List?
-Are you using a USB MIDI Controller to attempt entering music? If not, this would be a great investment and relatively inexpensive ones can be purchased for as little as $50-$60

Giving us a little information about where you're having trouble will help immensely.  As it also mentions in that post I referenced above, we can't see your system, so being a bit more descriptive about your problems will help us adequately diagnose them and provide solutions.  Imagine going to the doctor and just saying ";Fix me"; without giving any other information :-)

Hopefully we'll get you all squared away soon!
Im sorry, i just got a little frustrated with myself.
-well i use a PC
-ive installed vdl.. and im not sure what files your talking about. The three big ones you say. That may be the problem.
-yes ive copied the xml files like the video that Jim Casella has made. I followed all of his instructions.
-ive done the outdoor templates to set up the vst but thats also the problem. im sort of confused on how to do that. I read the instuctions on how to do it and went through all of it and was confused on why it wouldnt work.
-and no im not using a midi keyboard.

Hopefully i narrowed it down. Im sorry for just babbling and not stating the problem. thanks for the help.

the video may have been by david reeves i cant remember which one
Hi miguelp,

Welcome to the forum. As Bryan pointed out, you'll probably be offered better solutions if things are stated a bit more clearly up front. Since you're new to using Virtual Drumline and some of the various pieces that make it work well in Finale, this is the point at which you'll especially benefit from going slowly, and really taking the extra time to read the documentation carefully. There are different tidbits that are equally important in both the VDL User Guide (which you'll find in VDL's ";Documentation"; folder) as well as the ReadMe file that comes with the template.

It sounds like you may have a few questions along the way, but before we engage in a lot of back and forth here, I'd like to ask you to please read these [url=]forum guidelines[/url]. Since your questions are being posted here for the world to see, it'll [i]really[/i] help others if you could write in legible sentences with punctuation and capitalization.

As many users can attest, you'll be amazed at how cool it can be to use Finale with VDL, once you have a better understanding of the various tools you're using. We've all been there at one point. Be patient, and once you're using the tools properly, I'm certain it'll start to click for you!

If you follow the steps in the videos below, I'm fairly confident you'll be up and running in a few minutes.

After following the steps in the videos above, are you able to get any sound if you use Simple Entry to click a few notes into one of the staves?

If I recall, the library files should have a .lib extension, but don't (or was that in the 2009 templates?). Those are the joys of all the techies doing their work on a Mac and not making the required changes for Windows. Anyway, something to check.

Thanks for the tips. I somehow moved the ";Finale MIDI Devices"; folder and Finale couldn't load the percussion maps but after a simple reinstall, I got it to work.

Thanks a lot guys.
Glad to hear you're up and running!
Thanks guys,

I love the way tapspace is working but, i have a question on writing in notes. Why isn't there a drum 1 and drum 2 on the tenors? It just says ";Snenor and thats not what im tring to write in. Do i just change the tenor line or what? And also, do I absolutley [i]have[/i] to move my mouse centimeter by centimeter just to get the sound i want? Its just some times frustrating when all i want is a snareline hit and always press a crushed roll or something of that manner.

Thanks again,
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