VDL, Finale, and Nanokey


I have a question;

Finale working great, VDL 2.5 is awesome.  Korg Nanokey is not being recognized by Finale.

I have run all of the Korg utilities to clear out the MIDI ports and assign the one for the keyboard.  Windows (XP) says that it is there, the Korg utility says it is there and connected, Finale does not find it.

My question:  Is this a Finale problem, a Korg problem, a Windows problem?

Has anyone else encountered this?


Hi Neil,

I use a Nanokey with Finale 2010b quite frequently, so I'm guessing there's something else on your computer that might be grabbing control of the keyboard.

Are there any programs open besides Finale that could use the Korg as a device?  Even something made by Korg, like the M1 or their device manager.

Nothing, this is strange.

I have Finale Support on it, they have had me delete the MIDI related .ini files, but that has had no effect either.

I am perplexed and writing without a midi keyboard...

Hi Neil,

1) Close all applications on your computer and restart with the keyboard connected
2) Once the computer reboots, make sure that the only application you open is Finale (Do not open the KORG utility)
3) Go to MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > MIDI Setup
4) Under Input, is the Korg available now?

If not, what is listed there?  Just none?


Whoops, gave you the Mac instructions, just saw you were on XP.  Coffee's running out!
Yes, it is not coming up in the Input device listing.  Sorry for not including that...

And you're trying to access it by going to MIDI/Audio -> Device Setup -> MIDI/Internal Speaker Setup? As shown in the attached image.


Korg M1 Emulator picks up the NanoKey just fine, so it seems like a Finale problem...  off to their boards/support.

If you guys find anything let me know!

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