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Thanks guys,

I love the way tapspace is working but, i have a question on writing in notes. Why isn't there a drum 1 and drum 2 on the tenors? It just says ";Snenor and thats not what im tring to write in. Do i just change the tenor line or what? And also, do I absolutley have to move my mouse centimeter by centimeter just to get the sound i want? Its just some times frustrating when all i want is a snareline hit and always press a crushed roll or something of that manner.

Thanks again,
Hi Miguel,

You are using the 2010a templates correct?

With 2010's percussion changes, it maybe easier to edit the Layouts to your needs and remove the extraneous notes that you might not use in your arrangement (such as the snenor stuff and odd snare sounds) if you are not using a MIDI keyboard.

The sounds you're looking for are built into the template. Most people find it a bit faster to input notes using a MIDI keyboard rather than pointing and clicking with the mouse. This might be something to consider. Using a MIDI keyboard, and referring to the Keymap Diagrams within your VDL 2.5 User Guide, you'll have easy access to each sound available in any VDL instrument without needing to select from the on-screen note names.

The Korg nanoKey is a good low-cost way to get into using a MIDI keyboard for input. You'll find a few options [url=]here[/url].
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