Key Signatures Do Not Appear...


    Heres whats happening.  I start a score where my Marimba I player begins on some non-melodic instrument (say, Djembe).  Therefor my opening clef is a percussion clef with no key.  Later on in the score, the Marimba I player moves to marimba.  When I perform the instrument change the treble clef will appear, but the key doesnt show up. 

    Ive scoured my reference manual for answers, but it doesnt really tell me how to make the key appear when performing an instrument change from a non-melodic instrument. 

    I am using the VDL 5.2.5 template.  I know there is probably an easy solution, but I just cant seem to figure it out.

Thanks for the help!
Can those with Sibelius 7 speak to whether or not this problem has been solved?
Thanks! It was driving me crazy for a few days. I could have sworn I missing the simplest thing!
That's one unfortunate quirk that has definitely garnered some attention around the Sibelius camp, so hopefully in the next release it'll be fixed.
I'm having this same exact issue, I'm searching to find a more permanent solution myself. Does anyone have any further insight into this problem and its solutions? I've attached a screenshot that should help this make sense. Thanks!!

BTW: As you can see in the picture below, I don't have a dead measure to allow for the key signature to show, I need the very next measure, I cannot get it to do what Bryan suggested in such a small space. So, please, any help would be useful!!!
I've experienced a similar problem where switches from an unpitched to pitched instrument will display a key signature as expected - unless the key signature would appear where a new line of music starts in the individual part. In this case, the key signature is eliminated, which has caused me some confusion in the past when I go to teach the parts I've written.

I can dig up an example if you'd like, using the 5.2.5 template.
No problem.  However, in subsequent systems (lines) on parts, you should see the currently key signature.  It doesn't show up immediately with the instrument change, but should be on the lines that follow.
Sweet!  That worked great.  Thanks for saving me from saying ";No... remember youre in Ab here..."; every 2 minutes!
Thanks again!
What you can do is insert a key change that only applies to one staff (see attached), and just insert it when you want the Marimba to re-enter.  Something you might notice is that key signatures don't actually start showing up until the bar after the insertion of the key change. 

That being said, you can do as I have in the attached image to make sure the key signature shows up on the bar of the instrument change.  I basically just copied the instrument change a bar earlier, and hid it.
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