3 slash notes play back as superbuzz

Hey all,

      Long time VDL and Sibelius user here. I followed the directions for sib 6 and and new template v.6 exactly. I have the reccomended versions of Kontakt and VDL 2.5.2.

For some reason, my 2 and 3 slashed snare notes play back as a super fast buzzing sound (not the sampled one, but the single file triggered like 64 times a second)

Also, in my list of instruments it has two versions of many of the instruments. For example, if I go to add new instruments and I look in VDL template 6.0a -> Drumline Battery I get this.

Snareline Manual
Snareline Manual (A)
Snareline Manual lite
Snareline Manual lite (A)

and so on

Did I get a corrupted file download? Or is there some kind of user error going on here?

FYI: Buzz rolls, marimba rolls ect. Play back fine, but on drumline instruments the 3 slashes doesn't work. The 3 slashes do work fine when not using the 6.0 template though.
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