3 slash notes play back as superbuzz

Hey all,

      Long time VDL and Sibelius user here. I followed the directions for sib 6 and and new template v.6 exactly. I have the reccomended versions of Kontakt and VDL 2.5.2.

For some reason, my 2 and 3 slashed snare notes play back as a super fast buzzing sound (not the sampled one, but the single file triggered like 64 times a second)

Also, in my list of instruments it has two versions of many of the instruments. For example, if I go to add new instruments and I look in VDL template 6.0a -> Drumline Battery I get this.

Snareline Manual
Snareline Manual (A)
Snareline Manual lite
Snareline Manual lite (A)

and so on

Did I get a corrupted file download? Or is there some kind of user error going on here?

FYI: Buzz rolls, marimba rolls ect. Play back fine, but on drumline instruments the 3 slashes doesn't work. The 3 slashes do work fine when not using the 6.0 template though.
Ok, been messing with it some more. I know everyone's workflow is a little different, but in practice you really only need 1 2-slash eighth note in the Idea window and 1 3-slash quarter note. This is because after pasting into your score, you can change it to other values and it still plays back correctly!

8th note converts to dotted 8th just fine

Quarter note converts to dotted quarter, half, dotted half, and whole just fine!

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