VDL in Aria for FInale 2010

A quick question about using Aria in Finale 2010 (with VDL or any other package):

I enjoyed using Kontakt Player because I could load multiple sample files into a single line:  Player one could have marimba in slot 001, glock in 002, etc.

I seems to me that this is not a possibility in Aria, is this true?

And as a follow-up, is Kontakt Player 2 useable in Finale 2010, so I could operate with VDL as I have in the past?

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Hi Blake,

VDL 2.5 does not use the Aria Player.

The Aria Player shipped with Finale 2009-2011 is only for specific Garritan Libraries and the sample set of those libraries included with Finale.  There is a light version of VDL 2.5 sounds included with Finale, however these are separate from the full VDL 2.5.  It is possible to include multiple instruments in the same line, using channel changes in the same manner as before.

Full VDL 2.5 still uses the Kontakt Player 2, and should be accessible under VST/AU Setup in 2010.  If not, close Finale then copy and paste the KontaktPlayer2.dll file from C:/Program Files/Native Instruments/Kontakt Player 2/VST Plugins to C:/Program Files/Finale 2010/Finale VST.  

If on a Mac, the plug-in should automatically appear.  If not, verify that the KontaktPlayer2.component is in Library > Audio > Plug-ins > Components.  If it does not appear here, I would suggest a re-install of VDL 2.5.

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