How to write a Xylo Gliss

Hello Tapspace Forum junkies! I just bought VDL 2.5 and this is my first question/post.  I searched the forum and tried to solve the issue myself but to no avail. 

How do a write a xylo gliss in VDL and get it to playback?

Many thanks.

Welcome to the forum!

I'm presuming that you have the [url=]Sibelius 6.0 template[/url]. If so, make sure that you read the section about dictionary definitions. It describes how you can use staff text styles (Expression, technique, etc.) to make Sibelius play back the various sampled sounds a technique included in the library.

As long as the xylo staff is one from the VDL Template group of instruments, you merely enter 'gliss up' (formerly hliss up) or 'gliss down' using some form of staff text, normally Technique Text.
I'm sure Bryan means 'gliss up'. :)
Indeed - thanks Hugh ;-)  Not sure how one would execute a hliss.  Perhaps it's a whiffed gliss.
Awesome...thanks guys!
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