Best App ever?

I have recently discovered an app called ";Tempo2";

Tempo 1 was awesome (basically a Korg MA-30) But tempo 2 is like having a mini Dr. Beat in your pocket!!! I'm doing a video review of it to put on my website soon. But for now you can look at the tutorial video on their site (their examples are a bit far from practical, but it does show the features)

Plus if you have students they can buy it for 3 bucks, waaaaay cheaper than buying an actual met!
I love that app!!
Rock on baby!
Sold. Thanks for the pick perpetualpoet!
Thumb Jam. . . I LOVE THIS APP!
pretty cool...thanks for sharing.
SOLD...bought it myself...
Here is a new one for your enjoyment.
Wow Thumbjam is now number 2 for me! It's the first music app I've used that I can acctually make REAL music with!!! And the sounds are incredible!!!!

I was on a feild trip to MT. Vernon with my kids a couple days ago and we had hours of fun looping stuff!!!!
I've been using this year to teach my kids Modes, Scales and Improve. :) It also works really well for practice loops.
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