Instrument change and susp. cymbal noteheads.

Hey Guys!
I apologize if you have answered this question previously on the forum. (which you probably have...) :)
I have searched and am still having trouble.

I am writing an instrument change from Vibe to Susp. Cymbal.  When I input a cresc roll, it doesn't change the notehead in Sibelius.  Do I need to do that manually?  Can I then move it to any desired line/space without changing playback?  Really, I'm just looking for the easiest/most preferred way to input a susp cymbal roll for a keyboard player in the front ensemble.  Thanks!

A search for 'instrument change noteheads' produced this result:

Hope that answers your question!

Sorry to bother you with this but I'm still not understanding.  It currently inputs and and shows up on the ";D just below the staff";, and has an open (half note) notehead as if it were another vibraphone note.  When I enter it with my MIDI keyboard it produces the correct sound sample (";soft cresc. medium";), however it won't playback.  Also, I really wish it were a different notehead and above the staff as opposed to below. 

I'm not sure if that is specific enough and I realize it sounds like a very similar problem to the one you answered in the link but I am still lost.

I will be forever in your debt if we can conquer this thing. ;)
As I mentioned in the 2nd point of that post, that's a quirk in Sibelius.  You might need to turn on hidden objects under the 'View' option in the menu to see the instrument change box I'm taking about.  The reason this is happening is because Sibelius doesn't currently activate the notehead scheme for the new instrument until the bar after you enter it.  Hence, if you nudge that instrument change box slightly to the left of the barline on which you but it, you should start getting the correct noteheads for the suspended cymbal.
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