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Hi Guys, I would like to start using VDL. I need to have a list of every thing that I need to purchase to get started. I understand that I need a computer, VDL, music writing program like Finale or Sebelius, and a midi kebord. Is there anything I am missing. and If any one has good advice about getting the proper equipment that would be gret. Thanks Marc.
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You've got the important pieces listed there. You don't [i]have[/i] to have a MIDI keyboard, but anyone who uses VDL regularly will tell you that they'd never go back to not using it, if that's any indication.

It's a small but important piece in the equation, but you'll also need to purchase either the Finale or Sibelius template, depending on which route you decide to go.  Here is some information about both templates:

[url=]Sibelius 6 Template[/url]
[url=]Sibelius Template Tutorials[/url]
[url=]Finale 2010 Template[/url]

Bravo for asking questions before getting started. If you ever hit any snags along the way, this forum will provide you with a great resource for both learning, and troubleshooting (perhaps even a laugh or two).  Just make sure you also search first before posting, since most questions will have been answered at some point or another.

Good luck!
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