Can not install on most Current Version of Snow Lepoard 10.6.3

I just purchased VDL 2.5 and can not get this to install at all.  I start the VISE installer on the DVD and it just quits on me during the start of the installation.  I know there are some things that you can do if you are running just Lepoard, however I see nothing for Snow Lepoard.  Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!!
That's because you need to use the [url=]Leopard Installer[/url] :)

Hope you get up and running with as few kinks as possible!
You'll need to do the same thing with Sibelius 5 Sound Essentials (if you don't have version 6 yet).

I love apple, but this mess was kind of their fault. If this bothers you too much you can burn a CD with the snow leopard installer for both VDL and Sibelius 5 on it.
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