3 Steps to a better Sibelius Layout

If you're like me, you've been dragging Staves all around the place trying to get your sibelius score to look the way you want to.

Little did I know that I was doing WAY too much work. Check out this video from Sibelius.com and learn how to save yourself the headache and make your 600 dollar program do the work for you (as it should!)

Go here and click ";Layout and formatting";, or check out any one of the other useful tutorials!
Definitely a great presentation, as always, from Daniel Spreadbury. My favorite part is where he says ";tickety boo"; at around 25:47 :) There's also a new option in Engraving Rules > Staves that allows you to put extra spacing between groups, which will affect bracketed groups. QUite handy if you're wanting more space beteen your winds, battery, and pit in your marching band scores.

Along similar lines, here is a great post from Daniel on the [url=http://www.sibeliusblog.com/tutorials/learn-sibelius-6-in-one-hour/]Sibelius Blog[/url] about learning Sibelius 6 in one hour.
I missed the tickety boo part, I'm going to have to go back and check :)

";and get everything looking tickity boo"; Nice. I gotta use that sometime! My wife and I saw Imogen heap in concert saturday and she had loads of great new phrases as well :) Did you know she went to the grammy's with a pet frog named ";Gary the Grammy frog";?
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