Pocket Percussion Teacher

It's been about a year and a half of learning and beating my head to make this happen, but (Barring any major set backs) I will be releasing the first socially integrated percussion teaching app for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad in the very near future.

I will be looking for about 50 beta testers before the official release. :) I will be choosing the beta testers from the facebook fan page which makes it a little easier for me to track.


Charlie - I couldn't help but smile the other day when I saw the best app ever topic. . .

Jim - Thanks for letting me post in the forums. VDL logo on the loading screen for sure. . .
I'm always game for supporting percussion education. I'd love to test if you have spots open!
I, too, joined your group and would be happy to assist.
You're on the list Chris! Should be moving out in the next week. . .
I joined the group and would love to help beta test...
Done Dave. . . I'm getting everything finished up with the standard Rudiment trainer right now. . . Finished up the roll rudiments tonight. Should be soon. . .We had a set back in the middle of this week with our host server. Linux file naming issue. . .:(
I would love to beta this for you!  I have an iPhone 3GS that's just dying for a new app :)
I'll even provide feedback from my new iPhone once they're released!
You mean the one with a gyroscope and an HD Camera, a 1ghz processor and multi-tasking? :) That should be fun. Brian Zator and I just laid out the 2 and 4 mallet trainer last night. We'll start recording instructional videos tonight. We'll even have a bonus 6 mallet instruction. Covering Burton, Traditional and Steven Technique tonight . . . Lots to do, Lots to do!
Hey Robbie, I'd like to Beta test if you still need some folks.
Sure thing Eric! I asked Jim earlier if I could post in here since most of you guys are percussion teachers, pretty tech savvy and have Iphones. :) My buddy and I are testing the delivery of the content through 3G, Wi-Fi and E making sure it's not going to be an issue for the various models of the iphone. Doing some of these things for the first time always seems to have 1-2 things you didn't see coming.
Just sent emails for the people on the 1st 15 beta testers. Thanks for your help guys.
If you convert to Droid, I'd be happy to beta for you over there, too. Sadly, no iPhone. I tried AT&T for a year and couldn't do it any more, so unless the iPhone makes its way to Verizon, I'll be a loser on that front.
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