Tutorials for new VDL2.5 user

I am a new user to VDL and am looking for tutorials to guide me.  I am using Finale 2010 and VDL2.5 and am new to both.  Any assistance is much appreciated.  Many thanks.
You're quite welcome! As anyone here will tell you, after you get this stuff figured out, it REALLY enhances your writing (not to mention fun factor!)
Dear Charlie and Jim,
Thank you both for the great help.  I am excited by the challenge of both programs. I am slightly familiar with Finale (mostly in Finale 2006) so I'm jumping into both now.  My goal is to use VDL in more of a percussion ensemble compositional venue.  Thanks again.
Since you're using Finale 2010, I definitely recommend getting the template, and be sure to check out the TUTORIALS, both available on [url=https://www.tapspace.com/VDL-Template-for-Finale-2010-pr-122.html]this page[/url]. These two videos are specific to using the VDL template for Finale 2010, and walk you through the important steps of getting all the template files in the correct location.

After that, if you're new to Finale, I'd suggest becoming familiar with Finale's various entry methods. In particular, the Speedy Entry mode is important to know your way around.

The way in which you enter notes may vary depending on whether or not you're using a MIDI keyboard as an input device (which is typically the recommended method with VDL instruments - particularly the larger unpitched instruments).

Other important Finale areas to become familiar with are:
-Audio/MIDI menu
-Staff Tool
-Instrument List window

Finale's documentation is typically very good, so those terms should help you easily locate lots of helpful information on those topics.

Obviously, Finale is a very deep program and these are only a few important areas to become familiar with. If you're a new user trying to learn your way around VDL as well as Finale, I recommend taking it slowly. Sometimes it's a little easier to make progress when you already have some experience with the notation program - which is really where you spend all your time. Using VDL is like an extra branch within that environment, and mainly requires you knowing your way around the various VDL keymaps so you'll know which pitches represent which percussion sounds in any given patch.

In your Virtual Drumline 2.5 folder, you'll find a folder called ";Documentation"; which contains the VDL user guide. In here, there's a bunch of keymaps that specify what sounds are mapped to each MIDI pitch. So this will probably be a good document to have handy while you're learning your way around.

Lastly, if you'll be writing music that combines sounds from VDL along with other sounds (like brass, woodwinds, etc.), I'd recommend downloading the [url=https://www.tapspace.com/Downloads-Updates-p-2.html#VDL25Updates]VDL 2.5.2 Library Update[/url] which contains a ";Finale Specific Instruments"; folder. Loading sounds from this collection typically gives you a better volume response in relation to other instrument collections, particularly when setting levels via Finale's Mixer.
Also make sure you download the template here and read every inch of the readme file. It pretty much explains everything!

I'd start here


and go down to ";tutorials";
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