Native Instruments Upgrades on Sale for June

NI has all of their upgrades 50% off for the month of June.

  [url=]NI upgrades page[/url]

May be time to do so if you have been putting it off like I have been. :)

Thanks for the information Hugh. I have been dragging my feet as well.
Nevermind... I think there's a crossgrade thing, right?
According to the page on which the sale is listed, the Kontakt deal is labeled as an Update/Crossgrade.  It appears the crossgrade is slightly more, but it's unlike the Finale to Sibelius crossgrade in that it's going from Kontakt Player to Kontakt, not from one sampler (such as SampleTank) to another.

The pricing for this is great! Wish it would've been available when I upgraded.

In a similar thread of Summer deals, East West is selling all of their Quantum Leap stuff at 50% off through June 30. All you have to do is enter ANNIVERSARY at checkout. I wish that would have been available when I bought the Composers Collection (which was still pretty cheap when I got it), as you can now purchase the pre-packaged $1500 deal for $750!
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