Kontakt 4.1 player

Has anyone else updated to the 4.1 player?  I had previously been using the Kontakt 2 player that came with VDL and it was horribly slow as many of you know.  After reading the post here in the forum, I downloaded the Kontakt 4 player and it worked great.  Load times were much faster.  Last night the updater showed the 4.1 update was available.  Being the good tech geek that I am, I upgraded.  Now when I try to open the AU editor in Finale, it is blank and will not load the Kontakt 4 player plug in.  It shows just a blank white window.  Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Bob,

I'm able to reproduce this on my 10.6 Mac.  Are you using 10.4, 10.5, or 10.6?

I'm using 10.6.3
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