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Hey, I'm working in the CBC and found a couple of sounds that don't seem to be correct for the notehead: Suspended Cymbal, notehead 6 and 41 (top e space), aren't playing back the right sounds. When I went into Edit the Instrument, I was able to fix that one sound, but it seemed to dislodge the other sounds and make the CBC essentially turn into a SnareLine instrument.


That's why I take my lawn mower to be repaired now. I know just enough to mess it up worse.

Any ideas? Now this entire staff is playing back like a really boring snareline.
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Can we assume you're using the 6.0a Template?

My first thought is that you have been working in that file for a while and something in that file has gone awry (extra notes in the mapping that aren't supposed to be there). Read the following thread, follow the suggestions and see if that doesn't fix it.


In the meantime, I'll see if I can find the thread that explains how to ...

Found it. The second link in the last post to the above thread gives some help on resetting the patches that are loaded into KP2.

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