Sounds for glockenspiel


I am trying to use a glockenspiel (medium plastic), but when I write notes within the staff, I don't get any sound whatsoever.  But , when I transpose up an octave or 2, the sounds happen.  But I don't want the performer to play the notes that high.  How can I fix this?  I'm sure there is an easy solution.


Dennis Eveland
Dennis, check this post from Jim a while back.

Sounds like that might be your problem.
Thanks Bryan!  Works like a charm.
Excellent! Glad to hear that got you squared away.
Guys, I just came across this same problem, but the issue just recently came about. I've been working on this file for a little over a week now and all of a sudden, the pitches will only playback when they are 2 octaves lower on the staff. I read through the thread that Bryan suggested, but that's for Sibelius and I'm running Finale 2009. Any suggestions for my set up?

-Windows 7
-Finale 2009
-VDL 2.5


Check to verify that Transposition is turned off or set to none for this staff, Staff>Edit Staff Attributes. Also, are you using the Finale09 templates or did you add a staff for the glock?

That did the trick! I must have accidentally clicked on the ";Transposition"; marker somewhere. Thanks for your help!

Glad to hear things are back to normal.
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