removing instruments from sound bank

I looked throughout the Forum to see if anyone had posted this question, but surprisingly I didn't find anything.  I assume that someone has had my problem.
I work on a Mac with OS 10.6.3.  I am using Finale 2008b.r1, and I use VDL2.5 and the Kontakt Player software that comes with it.  I've updated Kontakt Player to the latest version--

[b]How do I delete an instrument from one of the slots in a bank in Kontakt Player?[/b]  I've tried clicking it and pressing delete and backspace, I've right-clicked on it to see if I'd get a menu, I've tried dragging it out of the bank, and I've tried dragging it into my trash.

A friend of mine owns the full version of Kontakt, and all he has to do is press backspace.  He tried using the Kontakt Player that comes with VDL2.5, and like me, he was unable to delete instruments from a bank.  Is removing an instrument only possible with the full version of Kontakt?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If this question has been posted already, can someone provide me with a link to that thread?  Thanks, guys.
Have you tried clicking the X in the top right corner of the instrument module in the screenshot I attached?
I was able to reproduce this with both Finale 2009 and Finale 2010 using Kontakt Player 2, as well as the full version of Kontakt 4. It appears this may be specific to Finale and how it keystrokes are registered within the Plugin (or aren't registered, moreover).

Typically, to remove a patch from a BANK slot, you just click on the patch you wish to delete (so it's highlighted), then click the ";delete"; key. I've verified this works as expected in the standalone versions of KP2 and Kontakt 4, as well as when running KP2 as a plugin within a more robust host like Logic.

This may be something to check with MakeMusic on, but in the meantime here are a few workarounds:
1 - Delete the bank and build it from scratch
2 - Replace an instrument by dragging a new one over the top of the one you wish to delete.
3 - Drag the instrument you no longer need to a higher, unused bank slot (although this will still consume RAM).

I hadn't actually seen this before, so thanks for bringing it to our attention. Perhaps there are some more clever workarounds someone smarter than me can offer.
Once again, Jim, you are the man.  At least I know now that it isn't just my rig.  I was hoping I didn't have to recreate the sound bank, but if it's the only I can remove those unused instruments then I really should.

FYI, I'm only looking to remove a instruments, because I am no longer needing them.  I've got so many sounds  loaded that it is getting to the point where I know I need to remove any unnecessarily loaded sounds, so that my CPU doesn't work any harder than it needs to.

I've experienced this same problem before and here is the workaround that I just discovered. 

At the top of the instrument browser in kontakt player, you should see ";-VDL library v2.5.2.";  This is not really an instrument, but rather just an indicator that you have the latest version of VDL.  Drag and drop this on top of any and all instrument slots within your bank.  It will now show up as ";-VDL library v2.5.2."; but will nothing will be loaded into RAM. 

This should keep from using up a bunch of memory that you aren't really using. 
MichaelAHS for the win! Great workaround there!
I'm able to recreate this as well in 10.6.3 (mis-understood what you were asking originally).  I'll submit this as a defect report.
Kudos to Michael AHS.  This works like a charm.
totally off topic:

G-Man, LOVE you're avatar/picture
[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=3701.msg19521#msg19521 date=1276286768]
MichaelAHS for the win! Great workaround there!

How do we go about getting this man some karma?  This work-around definitely worked.
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