Any suggestions?

I am trying to find some good books to help me improve my ability to write percussion for both concert and marching.  I studied Thom Hannum's materials in the Garfield Cadets book (can't remember the title).  Anyhow, are there some up to date reference materials that might help me?  I've been told that my percussion writing is pretty good, but I feel I can do much better.

FYI, I am a brass player.


-";Up Front"; is a no-brainer :-) Has some great material about arranging for the front ensemble.
-";Fresh Perspectives"; has some excerpts from SCV 96-98, while Jim and Murray were there doing the thing.

I think the Field Book by Scott Brown (published by Rowloff) [i]might[/i[ have some stuff, but I'm not sure.
Thanks Bryan for the info.  I am also looking for something that will help on writing for the battery.

As Bryan said...";Fresh Perspectives"; is what you want. Ultimately, your ears are your best teacher, go to a show.

I will try that book.


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