Notation not getting to desired staff position.

Hello all,
I am a new VDL user and am having trouble with what I think is the last stage of my setup. I am running VDL 2.5 on Finale version 2010b.r1. I have both programs installed, and am using a midi keyboard and speedy entry. I have loaded the KontaktPlayer 2 sounds, and can hear them playback via the midi keyboard. Also, I did buy and am using the template. Specifically, the outdoor template.

Finally, my question: When I enter a note, for example a buzz roll on ";e";, the note is entered above the staff. Actually, I just figured out that every note I enter ends up on the ";g"; above the staff.  We tried finding the ";all named notes"; feature but this is not a choice when we go through the staff tool to notation style. Our notation style does line up as does the ";Match Input Map to Output Map"; feature. Also, this is only happening on the battery staves. (For those keeping score at home, this is the 4th time I've edited my post in the past 3 minutes)

PC, 4 gigs of RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo, 64 bit
Two places to check, the Staff Tool and the Instrument List. The Percussion Layout in the Staff Tool must be the same as the Percussion MIDI Map in the Instrument List. These were set up as the Manual battery instruments in the templates. If you've changed the instruments loaded in to the KP then the Percussion Layouts and MIDI Maps must be changed to match.
Thanks for the assistance. In the ";Percussion Layout Selection"; via the staff tool, I have selected ";VDL2.5 Snareline Manual Full/Lite (MW) and on the instrument list under ";percussion midi map"; I have ";VDL Snareline Manual"; and I am having the same problem. I also tried the other selections in the percussion layout just to make sure and had the same issue.

I am noticing now that the notes are actually being displayed as they are entered (C on the C space, D on the D line, etc). I'm not sure if this is a change from yesterday or I if was in error.
And it came from this video.

Thanks for the great product guys!
I presume the answer was copying the XML files. This was the major change to how Finale handles percussion notation. Copying the library files is only required if you wish to create your own templates. All of this information is found in the READ ME file which comes with the templates.
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