Another Film Composer Thread

Just wanted to share a little video I stumbled upon about Marco Beltrami and his 3:10 to Yuma score:

To me, having this kind of insight into someone's creativity is simply awesome. Anyone else have any great little gems like this?

Here's another on Williams' score to E.T. -
This is a great find Bryan. Check out the 'Process of Film Scoring' series from Berklee, also on youtube.
This is excellent Bryan.  ";Its like having a camera in your bathroom..."; gives some special insight into William's compositional approach.  I appreciated William's comments starting at around 7'50"; to 8'23";.  Thanks for sharing.
Details, details, details; and long hours.  This two-part video gives some interesting insights (only a few) into Howard Shore's music for Lord of the Rings.

Part 1:
Part 2:

and the following clips (in 5 parts) starting with

Part 1:

This is great stuff guys. Interesting and inspiring. Not necessarily great for my productivity. Damn you, YouTube!

Thanks for sharing!

that bowed upright piano is really, really cool.
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