VDL Template for Finale 2010b - update now available.

The Finale 2010b Template is now available. Thanks to Ted Boliske for all his hard work in making this happen. This update will be available for free to anyone who purchased the 2010a template prior to June 18th, 2010. It supports the new instruments introduced in the VDL 2.5.2 Library Update and has some nice improvements to the documentation. This product will replace the previous 2010a version.

[url=https://www.tapspace.com/VDL-Template-for-Finale-2010b-pr-129.html]Click here for information, or to order the new template.[/url]
Awesome! Good to hear that it's in the wild now.
So in order to use the template, you HAVE to have VD2.5 correct? I just didn't know if it contained the sound libraries and such or if you have to have the full program as well.
In order to use the full VDL sounds with the template you need to have both Virtual Drum Line 2.5.2 (not the VDLite included sounds from Finale) and the full version of Finale 2010b. The template does not contain any sounds, just Finale Template and support files.
Makes sense. I can't get the VDLite sounds to work at all... Thanks for the information though!
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