Numbers in parenthesis displaying below/above notes

When I create notes on the battery lines, using either the speedy entry with the keyboard or in the simple entry, the notes are added but display a number in parenthesis like (117) or (57) depending on the note.  This isn't an articulation and can't be selected to be deleted, unless you also delete the note.  The notes do play back correctly and I can add articulations.  This is happening for all the 2.5 Battery voices (VDL Snare Manual, VDL Snare Auto L/R, etc...).  Does not happen with wind staves.

Wasn't able to find any references to this on the Finale support forums or here.

I'm using Finale 2011 with both the 2010 VDL Template and creating the staves from scratch.

Maybe my font library is fungo?


Go to View Menu > Show > Percussion MIDI Values.
Thanks!  That was it.
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