Noteheads; Suspended Cymbals

I've input a tambourine part on the 'Rack Combo B' staff (and keymap):
The playback works properly, but the noteheads are '19', a horizontal triangle.
Can these 'triangle shaped' noteheads be changed to standard noteheads (using standard noteheads) and retain playback?

I've input suspended cymbal parts on the 'Rack Combo B' staff:
In some passages where there are a cluster of suspended cymbal notes, only the first note plays back - the later notes in the passage do not sound in playback, using [Playback Configuration: 2 VDL 2.5, 1 Sibeius Sounds].
How can I correct this so that all the suspended cymbal notes sound in playback?

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Question 1:
Yes, you can change those noteheads by editing the Instrument's Staff Style in the ";Edit Instrument"; dialog (";staff style"; is essentially where the mapping is controlled). You'll need to ensure that the regular notehead you choose is unique though. If you select a notehead on that line/space that's reserved for a different sound, you'll get all sorts of strange results. So be careful. The capability is definitely's just quirky.

Question 2:
I'm not sure I completely understand what you're describing. Since you mentioned that your playback configuration contains an instance of the Sibelius Sounds player, I'm wondering if this suspended cymbal passage may be unintentionally playing via that set of sounds, rather than one of your VDL 2.5 sets. If your other instances of VDL (Kontakt Player) are filled to their max (each instance can hold a max of 16 patches), you may want to add another Kontakt Player to your playback configuration.
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