Help with VDL2.5 and Sibelius 6

I have searched your forums for the answer and seems like I can get my settings close but can't get VDL to work.  I am on a Mac v.10.6.4

I follow your instructions that came with the software (Sibelius 5) although I have 6.  I go to the mixer and the sounds don't show up.  I have gone over this more than 5 times.  What step am I missing to get the sounds to show up?  Thank you very much for the help.

Those links Bryan provided should be helpful if you're just getting started.

It should also be mentioned that the ";Getting Started Guide"; that comes in the VDL 2.5 package was published before Sibelius 5 even shipped. So the information provided there isn't a complete account of using Sibelius 5 with VDL, much less Sibelius 6.

This was a period of transition for how VDL is used within Sibelius since they introduced a new playback environment called Soundworld. Now that it's had a chance to sink in and have the kinks worked out, the VDL templates for Sibelius (v5 and v6) have become more robust, making them a great way to use VDL in conjunction with Sibelius. They aren't necessarily required since you could create your own sound sets and VDL specific instruments directly with Sibeilus' tools, but most people find the templates a good value.
Have you taken a look at these tutorials?

And have you purchased and setup the Sibelius 6 VDL Template?
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