VDL 2010b Template running on Finale 2011

I am having trouble adding instruments with the Template. I have looked through the forum as well as read and reread the instructions for the template and i cannot find an answer that fits this exact problem. As stated i am running the 2010b template on Finale 2011. Also I have a windows 64-bit system. I have attached a screenshot of what happens when i try to add an instrument. I was able to find a way to make kontakt player 2 work after alot of playing around although i have had no luck with this problem. Im thinking that i may just have the library or xml files in the wrong place but i cannot find where the correct place would be to put them. An help on this issue is greatly appreciated.
Adding instruments to the templates via the Set Up Wizard is not the best option if you are attempting to add battery instruments. Specifically, which instruments are you hoping to add? Since you have purchased the templates, make sure you go through the READ ME file to understand where both the Layout Library and the Percussion MIDI Maps (xml files) belong.

Sorry, I just realized that you are using Finale 2011. FIN11 changes where and how files are located and saved. I'll need to check Finale documentation to give you the correct path information. In the mean time, I would look in your /user folder as a first step. 
Try this:

XP:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MakeMusic\Finale 2011


Vista & Windows 7:  C:\Program Data\MakeMusic\Finale 2011

the xml files > MIDI Device Annotation

Layout  and Expression Libraries > Libraries
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Library/Application Support/MakeMusic/Finale 2011

From here they go to the same folders as mentioned in the 2010 template Read Me. Text expressions in the library folder and the XML files to the midi device. The exact wording for the midi may be slightly different. I'm away from my computer. You can check in the online help for clarification.
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