Sibelius 6 crashing due to Kontakt player

Has anyone encountered this before?

I've been out of town teaching for a few weeks and wrote some battery parts by hand while away.  I just got back and tried to open Sibelius but every time I do it crashes.  The error box message says...


ERROR: could not read encrypted sample (library  not registered?)


Continue loading?

If I click ";yes";, Sibelius ";Quits unexpectedly";, and if I say ";no"; it just doesn't open.  I've been using Sibelius 6.2 and VDL 2.5 for a couple months now and have not encountered any problems until now.

Please help.

Darrin seems it was an error in my playback configurations so I trashed them.  Sibelius now opens fine but when I reconfigured my settings in playback devices I get an error reading ";There was an error trying to acquire a license for this patch. This copy is not yet activated.  Please use the service center to activate.";

Do I need to register VDL 2.5 with NI?  I am registered with Tapspace and Sibelius already.  I should probably reiterate that this has not been an issue until now.  When I first set VDL 2.5 up it worked just fine.

Any insight is much appreciated.
Hello Darrin!

Check out this post:

It should solve your situation.
Thanks Richard!  I'll let you know.

Just to clarify, what you are registering with NI is the KP player and VDL. It may seem a bit convoluted but the registration with Tapspace is to verify your purchase for future updates to VDL, updates with Kontakt are through NI and Sibelius through them.

Awesome, thanks Ted!

Richard...You are THE MAN!!!  Worked like a charm!

Now to finish the opener...
Glad to be of help Darrin.  Happy writing.  Thanks Ted.
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