VD 2.5 & SSD

Hello all,

I hope this message finds you all having an amazing summer, as am I.  Anyway, here is my question:

I am looking at the possibility of running VD 2.5 and Sibelius 6 from an external 60 Gig Solid State Drive by OWC.  Here is a link to the drive:


I currently have a 500 gig 7200rpm hybrid drive, and VD and Sibelius run perfectly fine, but I'd like to have a separate drive dedicated soli for the purpose of running these two programs.  Would you recommend this? 

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Failed to mention the rest of my comp specs.  13'' Macbook (aluminum body) core 2 duo accompanied with some sweet, crystal clear audio provided by Klipsch HD 5.1. 
There are adapters that replaced the Mac's DVD drive with another hard drive slot, and it also comes with a case to make the DVD an external drive.  You could run SSD for the OS & main applications, and the hybrid drive for mass storage.  I rarely burn discs, so I'm thinking about doing this myself.

Also, for $100 less I would get an OCZ or Intel drive from newegg.com, and they sell external drive kits for cheap.
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