Fun with Photoshop

Very nice - some great cloning work goin on there :)
That's not real? I had a flashback to the trumpet guy from ";Waiting for Guffman."; can dream, I suppose. ;)
My friends were joking about what's the most difficult sport/activity, and one said marching quads.  So I replied ";no way, playing a trumpet solo in the middle of your quad break is WAY harder..."; and photoshopped the above photos as ";proof.";  `
Well, this is some funny work you have here. But the first one is too obvious, yeah I get it that you are just bored and just wanted to fool around. In fact, the color and the edge don�۪t match those of the photos. On the other hand, I find that the second picture entertaining and very hilarious as I have never imagined a marching band would do something like that. It is as if they are having a concert or something.
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