Opening sounds on a PC that were sent from a mac.

Hey Guys,

I recently sent a buddy of mine his winds/percussion score for this years marching band season. We checked all of the settings and made sure everything was correct for him to run VDL ( he purchased to dabble in and here his percussion scores played back ) and he received an error message. I sent my score from a mac and he has a PC. Any idea what we might have to do to get his sounds to work?

Calvin Warren III
Band Director - Todd county Central High School
Hi Calvin.

Fortunately, it shouldn't matter what kind of computer on which a score was written or on which you're trying to open it. As long as the file originated from the same version of Sibelius, or share the same version number (i.e. Saving a ";Sibelius 5"; file in Sibelius 6) you should be fine. Can you tell us what the error message says? It's hard for us to give you adequate advice without knowing exactly what the issue is.

Has he used VDL for anything else, and can your verify that everything has been installed properly on his system? Has he registered VDL through the Native Instrument Service Center? Did he purchase the appropriate template for his version of Sibelius? Even if he doesn't plan on writing, he'll still need to purchase the template to use the sound set that comes with the VDL template file. 

With some more information, I'm sure we'll be able to get you squared away.
Are you using Finale? If so, Finale requires Mac users to use the AU plugin version of Kontakt Player where the PC version would use the VST format of the plugin.

If this is the case, I would recommend you create ";Multis"; of your KontaktPlayer instances so he can load them into his PC's KontaktPlayer instances. Otherwise, he'll have to figure out how you've configured MIDI channels and such, which would be a pretty tedious process depending on the size of your score.

Then again, before doing much guessing, maybe we should establish what program you're using. :)
[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=3748.msg19769#msg19769 date=1278530482]
Then again, before doing much guessing, maybe we should establish what program you're using. :)

Good call.

You nailed it on the head. I am using Finale and I created a Multi and got it to him. Saving the multis is so easy and I never thought of it....such is life.

Thanks for the help Bryan and Jim!!!

Calvin Warren III
Excellent! Glad you're back on track, Calvin!
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