Sibelius Installation Folder Not Found

Hello all,

Hopefully this will be an easy fix.  Anyway, I recently installed my new 500GB Seagate Momentus XT 7200RPM / Solid State Hybrid Drive into my macbook with 4 gigs of ram.  I used time machine to load up all of the features and programs that were stored on the original disk, and everything seems to be working fine, with the exception of sibelius.  When I try to load an instance of sibelius if get the following error message:  Installation folder not found. Please select a folder now.  I have tried to locate such a file, but with no success.  Any advice? 

Ricky Morrow
Do I just need to get the original disk?  If so, that's no problem, I'll just have to make a trip tomorrow to the school where I work, that is where the original disk is.  I have put the original drive in an enclosure, so I can run sibelius 6 from that for the time being. 
Not sure- you can see the Sibelius icon in your applications folder though?  It wouldn't take too long to just reinstall it.

Wouldn't hurt to try the [url=]official Sibelius forum here[/url]
Yeah, I'm not sure either. Quirky things like this can sometimes happen after swapping out hardware. It might be worth reinstalling Sibelius just to make sure you have all the right components in place.
And for the record, you could just download the Sibelius 6.2 update and install directly from that, since it doesn't require that you install from the DVD first, then update. Sib 6.2 is a complete build of the software with all components included, sans the Essentials sounds. All you'll need is your Serial#.
Thanks guys.  I'll try updating to 6.2 tonight. 
I updated to 6.2 last night and was able to load what appears to be most of the sounds.  However, upon loading a new score that uses different, new sounds, a screen will pull up showing the missing sounds that didn't load or weren't able to load.  It is from here I have the option to search for those sounds (looks like a kontakt 2 search menu) and loads them all (or at least the ones that are missing).  But, with all of that being said, the same message pulls up EVERY time I want to play something back, EVERY TIME.  I know that all of the VD Sounds have been installed correctly, as they have been working for the past 2 years with no such problem. 

Should I just uninstall all of sibelius 6 and VD 2.5 and start from scratch?

Also, I just finished working through a piece that used the VD 2.5 manual light Drumline sounds working perfectly fine, with the exception of the error message that pulls up saying kontakt 2 can't find some of the sound libraries.  But then I opened a new score that utilizes a full orchestration for marching band (4 marimbas, 4 vibes, timp, glock, bells, rack combos and drumline) and kontakt states that no such libraries are available.  Even after going into the mixer, clicking the kontakt key (to initiate the kontakt window to assign or re-assign an instrument) I can not find the VD sounds for all of the instruments. 

Hopefully we can find a fix for this soon.  It is driving me bonkers!!!

Hi Ricky,

Open Kontakt Player 2 in standalone mode and see if you get a similar error message when trying to load an instrument. If so, you'll simply need to ensure that all the .nkx files are located directly within the main level of your Virtual Drumline 2.5 folder. This is the same folder that houses the ";Instruments,"; ";Multis,"; and ";Documentation folders. If all the .nkx files live there that ";missing samples"; error shouldn't occur.

If you can't locate those .nkx files, you can always manually drag them in from your VDL DVD.

Thanks Jim!  I'll give that a try and let you know who it turns out. 

Ok, I got the same error message, and trying to locate them right now.  How can I assure that all of the files are in the right place?
Locate your ";Virtual Drumline 2.5"; library folder. By default, it's usually contained in a folder called ";Tapspace";.

This folder should contain the following items (see screenshot). If the .nkx files aren't there, drag them there from your VDL DVD.
Current diagnosis; I get a message saying that the VDL sibelius6.0 sound set can not be found.  Upon loading Kontakt independently, I was able to load the VDL sounds, multis and individual instruments.

Also, Jim I have located the folder and took a snap shot and attached to this response. 
Sorry, here is the screen shot.
One thing I noticed in my screen shot that is different was the appearance of the thumbnails.  Is this a problem?
Have you purchased and installed the 6.0 soundset that came with the [url=]template[/url]?

Do you have Kontakt Player 2 updated to the most recent version (2.2.4)? You can check this by starting KP2 and click on the KP2 logo on the top left. For the VDL 2.5.2 update to work, you have to have KP2 updated to that version.

Also, rather than posting 3 separate posts, you can click the little notepad icon to the right of the post and edit your post, if someone hasn't already replied. This will make everything easier to read and more organized.
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