Looking for a Finale engraver for a quick turnaround project

Hello good people.

We've been busy in the Tapspace bat cave and are working on several exciting new projects for the upcoming year. In lieu of this, and our increasing workload, we're interested in hiring a Finale engraver for a pretty simple, but slightly tedious engraving job to be completed in the next couple weeks. The job will require Finale 2009 or later, and there will be a small fee.

If you're interested, please submit the following information to [b]info@tapspace.com[/b]

- Name
- Address
- Phone#
- 3 samples of your notational work in Finale (in PDF or MUS format) including a sample of your extracted parts. Preferably from percussion scores.

We're looking forward to collaborating on this. Once we've selected the individual, we'll post here to let you know.

Thank you!
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