Kontakt Player 4 - Issues w/release

I am using a Malletkat and running sounds via VDL 2.5 and Kontakt Player 4 on my MacBook Pro.  The issue is that the release (note length) always resets whenever I open up Kontakt.  While my preferred release value is displayed, it always sounds as though it has reverted to the maximum value (release = 127).  It's an easy fix -- I just click on the release knob of each instrument, and the problem is solved.  However, it becomes irritating when I am quickly switching between multis and have to do this every time.

It seems that messing with the Gate Time on the Kat has little effect.

Any suggestions?  Is there a line of code that I need to edit in Kontakt?

Hi arhdrums,

If the default release settings aren't what you typically want, you can simply adjust the knob(s) to what you'd like as your default, then do a ";Save As"; from the ";Files"; menu in Kontakt Player 4.

If you do this, I'd recommend renaming the file something unique so you know which one is your modified version, so as to not confuse it with the VDL patch. Or you could save such patches in a separate ";User Patches"; folder outside the VDL Library folder.

Once you save a patch with your adjustments applied, each time you load that patch it should recall those settings.
Hello Mr. Casella,

Thank you for your response.  I tried saving some of the patches separately and renaming them.  It seems that I'm having the same issue -- while the desired release value is displayed, the patch will continue to be played at the maximum value until I click on the knob itself.

Should I attempt to reinstall Kontakt Player 4?  Do you think there are some Kontakt files that I need to modify?

Thanks again,
Hi AHRDrums,

Thanks for clarifying, and I now see what you're saying and can verify and duplicate the problem as well (in both Kontakt 4 as well as KP2).

I don't think it's necessary to reinstall Kontakt Player. It has something more complex to do with how the instrument programming is recalling settings. Unfortunately, this is going to require a bit more investigation before I have an acceptable solution for you. My apologies for the trouble.

If you're in a bind, and need certain patches to recall with certain settings, please PM me and I'll see if I can't get you something to at least use in the meantime.
Not a problem.  I'll be playing a gig with the equipment on Aug. 11th, but even with the current situation I can still make things work.

Thank you for investigating the issue.  I look forward to getting an update.

I neglected to mention that I've since looked at the release issue without the Malletkat (using the keyboard in Kontakt 4's interface) and have experienced the same problem.  Therefore, it looks like the Malletkat isn't the issue.

Hope that somehow helps.

Thanks again,
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