Finale 2009 and VDL 2.5.2 Instrument List Question

I am just setting up my Finale 2009 and my VDL 2.5.2. I am wondering when you set up the instrument list what Prog. you should have each instrument set to. Currently mine has 129. Thanks for the help in advance.


I am running windows xp
Im using VDL as a plugin
The only reason you would have to worry about the Prog (Program) field is if you were using an Instrument Bank to house several VDL instruments within one MIDI channel in Finale. If you're just loading each instrument into it's own MIDI channel, you shouldn't have to worry about the value in the ";Prog"; field.
Are you using the Finale09 templates? If so then there should be no need to worry about the general midi instruments. The VDL battery instruments don't use those assignments. The templates have all of this set up for the user.
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