Four-Mallet Marimba Rolls

This might be a dumb question, but is there any way to make 4-mallet marimba rolls sounds more natural? Right now, it's just sounding like four pairs of hands rolling on each note of the chord. I am just unaware if this is something that can be done by VDL at this point in technology. I'm looking for more of a less-mechanical sound, but I am aware of the limitations of technology.
Justin, check out this thread.

Jim gives a pretty good method that seems to have become the standard for most people when writing ripple roll type stuff and wanting it to both sound and look good in the score.

Hope this helps!
Thank you, that does help!
Been doing that for years. Only I have 1 staff for printing and 1 staff for playback. I used to do the multi layer thing back in Finale 05, but it can get too confusing, and now that I can have 128 staves, and they can ALL be percussion staves, I just use different staves.

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