RAM Upgrade

I'm looking to upgrade my unibody Macbook Pro to 8GB of RAM. I found one option from Crucial, which I know is a solid provider.


I also found some options from OWC that are about $100+ less.


All of these options have a lifetime warranty and claim to be compatible with the 15"; Macbook Pro (2.66 gHz, i7 processor, etc.), but does the quality remain the same across all the 3 products? Does the quality of RAM not fluctuate that much between manufacturers, or are there perhaps some other dealers/manufacturers I should explore?
I recently upgraded my macbook to 6 gigs of OWC ram, and I have been thoroughly impressed thus far.  Another plus with OWC is their 24 hour customer service via online chat or phone service.  I would comfortably promote OWC ram to anybody looking to upgrade their computer speed. 

No need to spend extra on ";Mac"; RAM.  Find the same spec (or better) stuff on Newegg and save $.  [url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231295]Here's a link for $235[/url]
You will save some money (around $39) with the link Jesse posted to newegg.com.  However, the one thing that I love about OWC is their customer service; it's 24-7 and features live-online chat if you should run into problems or having any questions concerning your ram purchase, performance, installment, and trouble shooting.  I am not sure if newegg has all of these options, because I have never bought or dealt with them.

I am all about saving money, trust me!  I have just had a couple of great experiences with OWC, and would suggest it to anybody looking to make upgrades.

Also, here is an option of 8 gigs through OWC for $227.  Saves even a little more then newegg.

Getting a new set of ram is a must if you want to increase the performance of your computers. But if you really thinking of the budget, I recommend you to keep what you are having now. But I believe that an upgrade would always solve a lot of problem. In fact, what you should do here is explore more possibilities as I have heard of a few brands that might be cheaper than the ones you have been scouting on. Try searching for OWC.
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