Auto Sticking Plug-In Workaround

Was doing some writing and discovered that the auto sticking plug-in has the stickings reversed when using Sibelius 6. Searched the forum and found where someone had figured out a workaround for this issue. The workaround involved editing the text file in the plug-in itself. Can someone who has done this walk me through this process? I found the plug-in and attempted to open it to access the text file, but I guess it would require some sort of resource editor to accomplish this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Love the plug-in as it is such a time saver!!
Hi, I was the one that figured it out. I would be happy to help you, but I am at my work pc right now. If you can wait till I get home, I can bring up the file in an attachment so you can look at the changes. Or you can just open the file in a text editor (Word Pad or Word) and Change the note head numbers your self. It will be about half way down the page with two sets of note head numbers. If you click on a note and check its note number properties for a right hit and left hit, those are the ones that need changing. Has to be done for Unison Bass also. If this sounds to confusing, just wait and I will help you later.
OK,here we go. First go to your Sib 6 folder and find the VDL 2.5 plug in folder under Plugins. Next open th folder and navigate to the PLG file. Open this file with the text editor of your choice for Mac. Scroll down about a third of the way and you will find two line items that say


When you find them, edit out the string to be this. All you should be doing is changing a few note head numbers.

_NoteHeadsLH ";31 51 40 63 62 58 59 38 47";
_NoteHeadsRH ";0 29 1 22 6 14 15 37 46";

That should do it let me know how you make out. Maybe generate some karma for me. 
I'll give it  a try a little later tonight when I get a little free time-thanks for the quick reply!! I'll let you know how I make out.
SUCCESS!!!!!!! Worked like a charm! Can't figure out how to give karma, but will continue to research that because you are definitely deserving of some (on the forum and otherwise) Can you give me some guidance on how to get the bass unisons to show stickings correctly? The rights still come up as lefts and the lefts don't appear at all. I really appreciate the help. Have a deadline coming up and was dreading having to enter all the stickings one note at a time.
BTW- I just changed the RH to LH and vice-versa instead of changing the note numbers that follow them. Is that why the bass drum unisons are still not right? let me know when you get a chance, Thanks
That is correct, change the note numbers. Because Sib 6 is using a different set of numbers and the VDL template is written in accordance. Go back and make sure that the two line items look like the ones I posted. Be aware that the plugin only works with manual instruments, not Auto LeftRight.
[quote author=jameswirl link=topic=3765.msg19891#msg19891 date=1279946694]
BTW- I just changed the RH to LH and vice-versa instead of changing the note numbers that follow them. Is that why the bass drum unisons are still not right?[/quote]

The reason the Auto-sticking plugin doesn't work correctly in Sibelius 6 using the 6.0a template is that a number of noteheads were changed from 5.2.5. template to the 6.0a template. Let's look at these noteheads:

_NoteHeadsLH ";31 (L Hit - snares/tenors/basses)
51 (L shot - snares/tenors/basses)
40 (L tight HH - snares, L Rim - snares/tenors/basses)
63 (L backstick - snares, L Rod on Rim - tenors)
62 (L rod - snares/tenors/basses)
58 (L Dread - snares/tenors)
59 (Vocal ";Dut!"; 1 - snares)
38 (L crossover hit - snares/tenors)
47 (L Unison Hit - basses)

_NoteHeadsRH ";0 (R Hit - snares/tenors/basses)
29 (R shot - snares/tenors/basses)
1 (R Tight HH, R Rim - tenors,basses)
22 (R backstick - snares, R Rod - tenors)
6 (R Rod - snares/tenors/basses)
14 (R Dread - snares/tenors/basses)
15 (Vocal ";Dut!"; 2 - snares/basses)
37 (R crossover hit - snares/tenors)
46 (R Unison Hit - basses)

If you look at the mappings and noteheads in the VDL 5.2.5 template, you will see that some (but not all) of these noteheads are different. As a result, you cannot simply change the hands around; it won't work.

MAXimum, given that some sounds and noteheads (L/R Med HH - 42/41, L/R Loose HH - 44/43) are not included in the edited notehead listing, and considering that the Vocal ";Dut!"; sounds shouldn't be sticked, I wonder if the plugin works correctly even with these changes. Also, there are now ";alternate"; notehead/articulation combinations that result in the same playback sound for different notehead numbers (e.g., tenor muted taps can be notated with notehead 10, 31, or 0).
I will take a look at that Joe and see what happens.
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