Finale: Maps, Layers & Playback

Okay guys, I'm stumped.

I have layer 1 set as Concert Band Combo and have selected the Concert Band Combo in the Percussion Layout Selection in the staff attributes.  I have Layer 2 set as Ratchet.  In the instrument list, Layer one is playing back through MIDI Map ";Concert Band Combo"; and layer 2 is playing back through MIDI map ";Ratchet";.  At this point playback for both layers is working and I am able to place layer one sounds on whichever staff lines I choose in the staff attributes/percussion layout selection.  However, I was not able customize the staff line and note head with the ratchet sound, so I went searching for a solution.

Looking through the various forums, I finally discovered how to define/apply a Staff Style for layer 2 and access the Percussion Layout Selection through this magical back door.  I can now place the ratchet sound on whichever staff I want and change the note head.  But when I do, I loose the sound for the ratchet.  So it's like I can have playback or custom notation but not both.

What did I miss?
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Update: I finally got it to work.  Unless I unknowingly changed some other parameter, the problem seemed to stem from notes entered in layer 2 that were not on the Layer 1 percussion map and subsequently had an orange note heads.  If I entered notes on layer 2 and then applied the new staff style, the black note heads would accept their staff style positions and note shapes but the orange note heads would not.  BUT, if I applied the new staff style first, then entered the notes, all notes accepted their staff style positions and note shapes and playback worked perfectly.
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