Multiple Rehearsal marks

Hey Guys-

I had two quick questions and I cannot find solutions anywhere online (Sibelius forum/ Tapspace forum or Google).

1.  Does anyone know how to make multiple rehearsal marks in Sibelius 4? i.e. Measure 4 has a box around it but Measure 5 has a circle or diamond around it indicating Chart 3 (see insert)

I have seen this in several corps movement and was unsure if this was a staff text option.

2.  Does anyone know how to set your footer to show when the file was updated?

I appreciate the help (sorry for the rapid fire question, I'm running in between jobs).  Thanks guys!

(I'm using Sibelius 4 on a PC)
Hey Guys-

I answered question two on my own (finally figured out what to put in google to return it)

For anyone who is interested, you can add \$DATESHORT\ to return 8/3/2010 or \$DATELONG\

This works for time as well
For drill chart numbers, it's probably best to create your own text style for these. If you want these to appear in the parts as well as the score, it'd be good to base it on ";Tempo Text."; Once you've created your own text style, you can add borders, angles, etc. This type of text would be different than Rehearsal Marks in that they won't automatically number or reflow, so if that's what you want, it might be worth looking into whether you can create a custom text style based on Rehearsal Marks that would behave similarly (auto-numbering). That's something I'm not sure of, and it might not allow for easy manipulation of sub-sets, or other indications like ";Halt 8 counts"; that sometimes appear in drill notes.
There is actually an extra ";Rehearsal Marks"; system text style that I use for subsection marks (e.g. A, A8, B, B17, etc.). By default, it's the same as the Rehearsal Mark text, but it won't auto-generate consecutive numbers. It can be found at Create > Text > Special > Rehearsal Marks. You could style it however you want by going to House Style > Edit Text Styles, then find it in the list, click Edit and go to town. The only issue with that is it affects the style of the regular Rehearsal Marks (Create > Rehearsal Mark) and the one above, so talking that route you wouldn't be able to use the Circle border without changing all Rehearsal Mark text styles.

That being the case, you could take Jim's route and create your own. If you're wanting one that looks like Rehearsal Marks, you could create a copy of that text style. Just depends on your preference of text style.
Sweet! I hadn't realized that about the special rehearsal mark style. Thanks for the tip, Bryan!
No prob :)

To piggyback on Alex's handy little date tip, those are called ";Wildcards"; and a full listing of them can be found in the Sibelius reference.
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