Snare rolls on and off

I am using VDL 2.5 with Finale 2010b on a PC/Kontakt 4. I have a pre-written score in finale that I am editing. I loaded the libraries etc.. and I setup the channels to work correctly. I threw in a quick 16th note roll in the snareline using the autoRL and it worked great. Then I went a little further in the score and started writing music and now all of the sudden none of the rolls play the correct articulation. I have checked the channels, everything is fine. I still have the correct sound mapping selected etc... any ideas on this?

Apparently it will play the correct way if I start from the beginning but it will not if I just choose a certain measure and hold space and click...
Sounds like an issue with Human Playback perhaps. Do you have Human Playback set to the Marching Band setting (MIDI/Audio > Human Playback > Marching Band)? That will automatically play those articulations for you.
yes i have that turned on marching band... but when i hold down the space bar and click a measure, it will not play the articulation
Spacebar + click will initialize playback without Human Playback.  It's meant for quick spot checking of a measure.

If you want to play from a certain measure instead of the beginning, go to Playback Settings (Speaker icon on the playback controls) and choose Leftmost Measure or Current Counter Setting.
That gets the job done :D Thank you very much!
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